Homework 1

  1. Study the Introduction and Chapters 1-4, 12 of Shotts.
  2. Do the following vi tutorial:
    1. Download the file vimtutor-dahl.
    2. Change to the directory in which you downloaded the file.
    3. Start the tutorial using the command:   vi -u NONE -c "set nocp" vimtutor-dahl
    4. Follow the instructions in the tutorial. Note that on several occasions, you will be asked to stop the tutorial and restart where you left off. Use the command in the previous step to restart the tutorial.
    5. Upon completing the tutorial, your vimtutor-dahl file will no longer be what you originally downloaded.
    6. Rename your file from vimtutor-dahl to vimtutor-dahl-completed.
  3. Get experience with vi by doing the following:
    1. Download the file Neil A Anderson's April 2017 Conference Talk
    2. Use a vi command to search-and-replace all occurrences of complete word "the" with "THE". Note that this should not result in capitalization of part of a word, e.g., "there" becoming "THEre".
    3. Format the text such that lines occupy as many characters as possible without any line extending passed 80 characters. Hint, find the vi command that makes this very easy.
    4. Save the file and rename it talk-2017.txt.
  4. Download the file about-me, edit it to answer the questions, and save it using to a file named about-XXXX, where your replace XXXX with your NetID.
  5. Upload a picture of yourself and rename the file photo.jpg.
  6. To submit this homework, do the following:
    1. Move the requested files into the homework/1 directory of your Git repository.
    2. Commit these files (and only these files) to your Git repository.
    3. Push your changes to your central Git repository.